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Bivouac mattress (With hot water option)

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  • MaterialPVC
  • Standards/CertificateHot Water Air Mattress Patent
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  • South Korea South Korea

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Bivouac mattress (With hot water option)

DWF camping mattress now available for bivouac camping (solo camping)! Small and light weight, perfect for light packing bivouac campers.







l Description l

Optional feature: hot water system
Now with hot water feature added (optional), you can pack lightly and still prepare a warm bedding for yourself outdoors.



l Feature l

  1. Thickness
    - 3.5 mm DWF

  2. Available sizes
    - Single: 61 x 193 cm
    - Double: 125 x 193 cm

     We welcome OEM / Private Labeling orders


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크기변환에어포스 카탈로그 14'-23.jpg

크기변환에어포스 카탈로그 14'-22.jpg