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Camping mattress (Drop stitch air mattress)

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  • MaterialPVC


  • South Korea South Korea

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Camping mattress (Drop stitch air mattress)

Camping mattress (air mattress) made with drop stitch fabric (double wall fabric, DWF), 100% hand made in South Korea with the highest level of craftsmanship.





l Description l

Not just a higher quality handmade product. It is a totally new & different concept of camping mattress. Our DWF camping mattress offers the best possible durability and comfort for your camping and outdoor activities. In the market, our product is considered to be the best possible option for camping mattress.



l Feature l

Absolutely beyond comparison with other types of mattresses such as foaming type or self inflating type. In fact, it is the most ideal type of mattress for any kind of bedding because the air pressure is evenly distributed on your back because of the drop stitch.

  1. Thickness
    - 70 mm / 100 mm / 120 mm / 200 mm / 420 mm DWF

  2. Sizes
    - Width: 2 m
    - Length: 1.5 m / 2 m / 2.2 m / 2.4 m / 2.6 m / 2.8 m / 3 m

    * Custom sizes can be ordered.


We welcome OEM / Private Label orders!


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